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About Us

The Music in Me Foundation International believes that every child has a special gift inside, just waiting to be unleashed. The organization is a woman-owned and minority operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth through the discovery of their special strengths through various forms of storytelling, music, STEM and performing arts. Our innovative program is truly the first of its kind, which is a holistic approach to education that reaches ALL students. It’s multi-modality method uses a multitude of learning styles and communication approaches so that students can learn in the way they’re wired to find their "superpowers." 

Mission: To stop bullying through peer intervention by inspiring a sense of community, leadership, team building, self-esteem and positive thinking and doing—using music, storytelling, literacy, STEM and the performing arts as tools in discovering inner strengths (or superpowers) to achieve immediate and long lasting brighter futures.


Purpose: To create safe, accepting and engaging learning and living environments for multigenerational populations. Inclusive bilingual programs engage and empower ALL students, including those with various disabilities.

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