A powerful blend of anti-bullying and literacy through music, art, drumming, mime, video, rap, literature, storytelling, broadcasting and photography makes this experience unforgettable! 


Rap on ReadingOrlando’s #1 hip hop artist, Shure Knice, who is also the world’s only Magic Music Man, charms both children and adults through his voice, pulsating beats and swagger with his interpretation of The Music in Me book. He also teaches rap and music as one form of storytelling. Soon, The Music in Me book will be accompanied by a rap and audio narration CD, which children can use in conjunction with the book.    


Videos for Kids By Kids: Since my children are also professional storytellers, using different forms of expression such as music, photography, writing, television 

news video and documentary filmmaking, I share examples of their award winning work as well. Although both my young teenage children have suffered from a variety of challenging learning disabilities and were forced to learn “outside-of-the-box,” they’ve both worked as professionals at the highest levels in journalism, photojournalism, filmmaking and writing, thus being great examples of hope and inspiration to others.

Anti-Bullying:   Even though my kids have tackled their learning disabilities through their passion for writing and media arts, they’ve also been forced to battle torturous bouts of bullying. As part of our multi-media presentations, the strengths and weaknesses of the internet are explored as a powerful tool that could either make or break people’s lives. Additionally, respect, acceptance and friendship are explored in our schools, 

homes and communities, as well as the importance of standing up for one another.


Since a large portion of our family was murdered in the Holocaust and my children had an extremely close relationship with their grandparents who were Holocaust survivors, they understand the importance of acceptance all too well. Freedom: What is Means to Teens? is a video that was made by my daughter, with her brother’s assistance. This documentary (made by and for teens) takes a brief look at freedom and all its glory by focusing on teens and their special connection to freedom. It unveils the utmost importance of appreciating our freedoms, not only as teens, but as different races and ethnicities. Thus, reinforcing an anti-bullying message through an entertaining and positive vehicle that incorporates popular culture and music. Note: Please click on the “videos” menu to view Freedom: What it Means to Teens? 


Remember: Words are power! Use your power for good...not evil.

Multi-Media Meets Mime:  After sharing different modalities of telling stories, our show culminates with a mime vignette, drumming circle, interactive rap performance, American Sign Language and video presentation of The Music in Me book. The children always interact by clapping to the rhythm and rapping to the rhyme. They learn that everyone has their own special music or passion inside of them. The Music in Me rejoices differences and similarities in the world around us, as well as embracing the journey we all take to discovering our inner voice. 

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Freedom: What it Means to Teens?


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