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2018 & 2019 PeerPositivePOWER Challenge Winners: 

Congratulations to The Music in Me Foundation International's PeerPositivePOWER Challenge winners--Friendship Charter School (Woodridge Campus), Leckie International School and Shepherd Elementary School. The PeerPositivePOWER Challenge is an inclusive opportunity for DC schools to express themselves through music, raise their school climate, reduce absenteeism, increase self-esteem, decrease bullying and receive positive reinforcement. 


Here's How it Works: 

Each school works collaboratively to create a song, rap or spoken word presentation that best exemplifies PeerPositivePOWER. Teams make a video recording of their work to be judged by the critically acclaimed artists in the music industry and the foundation. PeerPositivePOWER participants' videos are aired on DC Cable Television, giving students a chance to shine and reinforce their positive anti-bullying messages, as well as perform at The Kennedy Center, which is the Nation's Cultural Arts Center and world-class stage. ALL students attending the winning team's school will celebrate with a PeerPositivePOWER Pizza Party. In addition, all winning schools receive acknowledgment from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.


No Bully Zone (official Music Video) 2019                No Bully Gang (Official Music Video) 2019

Don't Judge, Just Love
(Official Music Video) 2020

Anti-Bullying PSA

Eli Singleton "unleashed his superpowers" from New Jersey by creating this informative PeerPositivePOWER Public Service Announcement to unite against bullying.

Peri Elizabeth is an emerging young artist from Baltimore who has a desire to start off by making a difference with the music she makes. Her first official music video and title release is a song called "The Change is in You." 

The Change is in You (Official Music Video)

Heather Mae is a queer folk pop artist who found her powerful voice by overcoming challenge, spreading hope, inspiration, acceptance, joy and positivity to unity against bullying of all kinds.   

Stand Up (Official Music Video)

I Am Enough (Official Music Video)

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