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Philoy O’Neil Williams 

Philoy O’Neil Williams literally and figuratively marches to the beat of a different drum. He is an inspirational young man who has dedicated his life to giving back to the community with his talents as a rapper, dancer, drummer, spoken word artist, storyteller, fitness trainer and, most of all, mentor to young people. He was known throughout the DMV as “POW,” which are not only his initials, but also represents his essence—POWerful, POW on the drums and POW as in his impact on people. However, now he's earned his new title as the Magic Music Man, performing, educating and inspiring youth around the world. His born name, Philoy, means love and strength, which are the essential ingredients of his passion that he shares through his art and mentoring. He is a gentle giant! As a native from Jamaica and frequently moving with his family around the United States, he was always the “new kid on the block” and somehow labeled as “different.” Although he was bullied and found it difficult to make friends, he discovered how to reach out with an open hand. Today, it’s his mission to extend himself to as many young people as possible to help them overcome the effects of bullying.

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