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Shure Knice

Shure Knice is the world’s only “Magic Music Man.” Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Flo Rida and Pitbull brought Florida rap to the forefront of hip hop. Ranked by Reverbnation as Orlando’s #1 hip hop artist—now it’s Shure Knice who’s bringing the heat into the South. Known in the hip hop scene of Orlando as K Mac a.k.a Mr. Knice, he’s been rocking mics and stages since the early 90s. Known in the world of children's literature and family friendly entertainment as the Magic Music Man, he continues capturing the hearts and imaginations of children, adults and educators throughout Orlando, as well as the Nation through his music and video narration of The Music in Me and performing The Music in Me throughout Orlando and DC. He teaches rap and hip hop as one form of storytelling. His hypnotic voice, pulsating beats and swagger has captured audiences from the East and West Coasts, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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