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The Music in Me Foundation International is proud to announce an exclusive PeerPositivePOWER opportunity for students from the Burnt Mills Crossing Community! 



Answer both PeerPositivePOWER questions listed below. Each question requires a thoughtful paragraph (3-6 sentences). Please include your name and age. Information must be submitted into the dropbox near the playground or by email:



April 15, 2016



In completion of this task, boys will earn one FREE haircut at Hair Care Express. Girls will earn one FREE nail polish treatment from True Nails Spa. Both are located in the White Oak Shopping Center. Thank you for your effort and participation! Most of all, congratulations for sharing your superpowers and making a positive difference in other people's lives!


Superpower Definition:

The Music in Me Foundation believes that everyone has their own special gifts or strengths inside of them. We call them “superpowers,” which are your unique skills and qualities that help you to perform your daily tasks and achieve your goals.















PeerPositivePOWER Questions:


1. What is one of your superpowers? Please explain why it is important and give an example.


2. How can you use your superpower to help someone else?


Sample Answer:

One of my superpowers is having a sense of humor. I enjoy telling jokes and laughing. Even during difficult times, I can always find something to laugh about.


It makes me happy to make other people laugh too. I use this superpower to help people feel happier through laughter even when they are sad. Having a sense of humor makes me happy because it helps me make friends as well.





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