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Dr. Ronnie B. Lowenstein

Director of Strategic Planning and Partnership Development

Often called "a Visionary & Weaver," Dr. Ronnie B. Lowenstein has since 1980 been a pioneer of interactive technologies and telecommunication as tools of transformation and partnership development as the strategy of change. Throughout a career spanning research, policy and practice, she has fostered innovation, systems thinking and systemic reform within and among institutions. Whether serving as a Consultant to public or private institutions nationally or internationally, or Staff to Congressional Leaders, Dr. Lowenstein develops technology partnerships to promote equity and excellence in education and to cultivate youth as leaders in a global and digital age.   She continues to be recognized for her future-focused equity legacy of achievement. Select honors include: US Department of Energy 2016 appointment as Ambassador to Minorities in Energy; Pearl of Africa Award for STEM Innovation; Women of Color in STEM Lifetime Achievement; NASA Partnership Awrd; NAMEPA Wings to Succeed;

Congressional Beacon of Hope Award; Ambassador Young Award: Equity and Social Justice.

Since 2013, Dr. Lowenstein has served as Senior Advisor & Futurist to organizations, including The Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America (ASTRA),  She has served as Featured Author and Associate Editor of the e-book, EDTECH Revolution 2013: State of Digital and Distance Learning, contributes frequently to their website, ‘,’ and Moderates their annual STEM ON THE HILL event.  In her practice with other institutions, she reinforces systemic innovation, promoting partnerships to catalyze an Ecology of Community Transformation.  


Since 1996, she co-authored four books on Partnership Development, designed and conducted partnership training workshops across the country on behalf of NASA and other governmen agencies, as well as facilitated the opening of 11 Community Technology Centers in three boroughs in New York City. She then helped secure over 6 million dollars of partnership programs and services to expand impact and foster sustainability. From 1997-2006, she collaborated with the Congressional Black Caucus Education Braintrust to produce an annual two-day conference that spotlighted critical reform issues in Education Policy and Practice and provided Congressional TEC (Technology to Empower Community) Awards to Pioneering Leaders and Exemplar Private Public Technology Partnerships.

In 1999, she launched NetGeneration of Youth (NGY) as a digital empowerment and youth leadership initiative addressing media literacy, civic engagement and youth expression. Since then, she has promoted the NGY model with organizations in the US and abroad who share a commitment to cultivating youth as 21st century leaders who are civically engaged, culturally aware, empowered with global competencies & committed to shaping a positive global future.  In the past 8 years she has provided 95 scholarships valued at $300,000 to NGY youth from underserved communities to attend National Student Leadership Conferences at Universities.

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