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Founder and CEO’s Desk


About 15 years ago, Ten-Time Grammy Award Winner Bobby McFerrin decided to promote my book The Music in Me by writing the foreword. This was a rare and treasured incident for one of the natural wonders of the music world. However, he did so because the book uniquely promotes finding one’s voice and the importance of both education and music--three of his inspirations.

     Along the way, other innovators have joined forces with The Music in Me Foundation Int’l and are now working closely with us to help children discover “their music” or purpose. The largest family film festival in the world, The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, has licensed the foundation’s films, including our video of The Music in Me book, for use 


Our History

by parents and educators. In fact, our film, Freedom: What It Means to Teens won their prestigious Children’s Best Pic Award.

     Another pioneer in children’s literacy, education and the entertainment world, Author and Five-Time Emmy Award Winner for

The Reading Rainbow Levar Burton, selected The Music in Me book to personally narrate on The Reading Rainbow, which is now Apple’s number one educational app.

     Furthermore, CBS Radio, one of the largest owners and operators of radio stations in the United States, joined forces with The Music in Me Foundation Int’l as part of their commitment to literacy, anti-bullying and the community. WPGC 95.5 FM attends school and community events with The Music in Me Foundation and provides incentives for the schools and children who participate in our programs.

     Our mission is to help youth discover their own special gifts or what the nonprofit calls "superpowers," so that they can build on their strengths to learn and grow in a safe and accepting environment--free from bullying. The organization uses music and the arts as a tool to empower and teach young people how to unite against bullying through safe intervention techniques, as well as leadership and team building training. The innovative program we created is truly a first of it’s kind, which is a holistic approach to education that reaches ALL students through the arts. It’s multi-modality method uses a multitude of learning styles and communication approaches so that students can learn in the way they’re wired. We’re currently working with thousands of school-aged children a week throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, as well as other school systems across the Nation.

     Our team includes curriculum & research experts, as well as interactivists from Sesame Street. Our foundation has been developing over the past two and a half years. We are now skyrocketing and in great demand in our public schools. Not too long ago, we started with a grant from the Target Corporation. However, we are searching for further avenues for The Music in Me Foundation Int’l to scale our programs to reach a wider audience both nationally and internationally.

     Using the same “Music in Me” philosophy that lead my children to achieve enormous success in spite of struggling with challenges, we are determined to spread The Music in Me Foundation’s special brand of hope and inspiration to youth by helping them discover their unique “superpowers” to obtain their dreams, learn in an environment that's safe from bullying and free themselves of self-limitation. It would be so impactful to ALL our children and their families to have your support. Please reach out to us, so that we can reach back to the community with your participation and funding.




Jane Pinczuk

The Music in Me Foundation Int’l

Founder & CEO



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