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J. Sterling Philip

J. Sterling Philip is an aspiring rapper from Prince George's County, MD. He became the very first intern for The Music in Me Foundation International, taking on the role of the Magic Music Man. He participated in PeerPositivePOWER Programs in the community by using his rapping, dancing, and music making abilities. While growing up, he was made to feel that his differences and everything that made him special were weaknesses, and the main reasons why he was being bullied and excluded from others.


It was not until his junior year of high school that he realized what he thought were his weaknesses could contribute to his art, and a young man at 17 years old discovered he had something beautiful to contribute to the world. He used art as a way to express his voice and creativity that he felt was being stifled by his environment.

Music can be an inspiration to many people. Sterling uses music to enlighten, engage, uplift and teach, making Sterling 

a PeerPositivePOWER role model.

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