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Lauren Batchelder

PeerPositivePOWER Teen Ambassador

Lauren Batchelder is an honors student at Saint Anslem College who studies history with a concentration in gender studies. Currently, she is set to graduate a year early and is in Norway studying sex trafficking in progressive countries, while taking classes at the faculty of law. Lauren ran a political campaign at the age of only 19 and recently was chosen to attend the White House's Summit on Gender Equality. Lauren was also a member of the Johns Hopkins gifted and talented youth program and was given the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. She was also honored by President Obama for accumulating over 500 hours of community service.

When Lauren was an 18 year old college student, she bared the brunt of President Elect Donald Trump’s ranting and raving on Twitter after she respectfully questioned him about women’s rights during a bipartisan political forum in New Hampshire. The next day,

he attacked the teenager with insulting accusations and name calling, reaching millions of his followers in just seconds. This spark ignited an uncontrollable fire, leaving Batchelder horrified by many life threatening messages delivered by phone, facebook and email, as well as her photo popping up on television news. She was overwhelmed, as it appeared she had no place to hide. She fled from her home.

Fast forward one year later…even after an article in The Washington Post was published, bringing back this terrifying incident into the public eye as part of an expose’ on Trump’s global impact via Twitter, Batchelder stands taller and stronger today than she did one year ago. Although the wave of abuse and intimidating messages have reoccured, they affect her differently because countless people from all over the Nation are reaching out, embracing this courageous young woman with their support via phone calls, letters, emails and posts. Batchelder knows she’s not alone. 

Batchelder said, “Unfortunately, I was bullied in high school as well. At one point, I almost dropped out of school after enduring repeated humiliation by a group of girls, which culminated by one girl attempting to push me down a flight of stairs. I could only imagine how different the scenario would’ve been if other students would have intervened. That’s why now, I have the courage to speak out (to uplift) because of all the support I’ve received.” 

This is the only solution to preventing and stopping bullying. It takes a community of positive thinkers and doers or what The Music in Me Foundation calls “PeerPositivePOWER.” It is for this profound reason, the organization is making a difference and saving lives by teaching youth how to safely intervene, become leaders and team builders.

“My goal is to champion women’s issues internationally. As the PeerPositivePOWER Teen Ambassador, I’m honored to influence young people early on in their development to become uplifters to prevent and stop bullying. It’s empowering to know that simple acts of kindness, actually makes a profound difference to us all. I'd have to say my superpower is courage, which has carried me through my life and has been a force to help others.”

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