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Nikko Lawson

Nikko is the newest member of the board. As the Founder and CEO of Black Key Lifestyle Concierge the dynamic 30-year-old entrepreneur embodies the “work hard, play hard” moniker and brings passionate, creative leadership skills and high-level relationship value to The Music in Me Foundation International.


Over the past 7 years, Nikko has worked tirelessly to cultivate key relationships at the highest levels in order to facilitate breathtaking experiences and unparalleled VIP access to Black Key’s high-impact members and clients. Nikko has had the distinct pleasure of working with the Vatican, professional sports organizations, A-List celebrities and Fortune 500 executives to name a few.

Nikko’s primary passion and purpose in life is to discover world-changing projects and, through his key relationships, bring these unique projects to market. Nikko aligns and partners with some of the most powerful,

influential individuals and organizations in government, finance, advertising, philanthropy and human capital. His primary focus is in the environmental, real estate, transportation, education, technology and energy verticals.


Nikko is also an avid surfer, scuba diver, environmental and animal advocate, yacht enthusiast and adventure junkie. He currently resides in Orange County, California and travels the globe in pursuit actualizing his passion. He uses his “superpowers” to leave the world a better place for many future generations to come by supporting The Music in Me Foundation’s mission of education and saving lives from  bullying.

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