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PeerPositivePOWER is a digital bilingual inclusive curriculum, delivered in both English and Spanish, which is based on the powerful statistic that BULLYING STOPS more than half of the time (57%) when peers intervene on behalf of the bullied student! It is for this profound reason, we are making a difference and saving lives by teaching youth how to take action and become leaders. The Music in Me Foundation International helps youth discover their own special gifts or what the nonprofit calls "superpowers," so that they can build on their strengths to learn and grow in a safe and accepting environment--free from bullying. Music, literacy, STEM and the performing arts are used as tools to empower and teach young people how to unite against bullying through safe intervention techniques to become strong leaders, team builders, positive thinkers and doers.


We can help your school become PeerPositive! Please contact us to learn more at (949) 371-9055. 




"Yeah, you've got a friend in me!"

PeerPositivePOWER Clips

CBS Radio (WPGC FM 95.5) Partners with The Music in Me Foundation International in support of PeerPositivePOWER

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, WPGC 95.5 FM, Joe Clair and The Music in Me Foundation International united against bullying with PeerPositivePOWER, a program that prevents and stops bullying by teaching students a sense of community, self-esteem and positive thinking and doing.

Superpower Swag Bag Contents



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