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It is amazing what can happen when one person stands up for another. We have seen this through history—small uprisings that change the face of nations. This is that uprisingUnleash Your Superpowers! Unite Against Bullying. Please keep visiting our website for upcoming events and appearances. See how you can get involved. 


Here's How to Take the Superpower Pledge: 

People across the Nation are joining Hip-Hop Superstar & Chart Topping Recording Artist Big Sean and Doitall "Du" Kelly from the platinum album producing group Lords of the Underground (audio clip below) in taking the “Superpower Pledge in support of our anti-bullying PeerPositive Intervention Initiative.” Please help save our children's lives and take the pledge by stating: "This is (your name) on behalf of The Music in Me Foundation International--

I urge you to unleash your superpowers to unite against bullying. Keep calm and PeerPositive on! I nominate (people of choice) to take the Superpower Pledge and join me in uniting against bullying." Use your own special superpower swag and let the world know that we are all UNITED against bullying! Please post your videos to your social media platforms and include us at The Music in Me Foundation International (Facebook) and @musicinme501c (twitter). If you send them to our email at, we'll also post it to our website. Please download our song "Unleash Your Superpowers." We accept all donates as well. Proceeds go to saving our children's lives and building a brighter future.

Unleash Your Superpowers!
Download This Song:

10 Deeply Depressing Facts about Bullying

10. It Destroys Your Future Job Prospects


  9. It Damages Your Future Health


  8. It Can Get You in Trouble With The Law


  7. It Affects The Entire Economy


  6. It Increases Sexual Violence


  5. It Makes You Prone to Suicide


  4. It Messes Up Everyone Involved


  3. We Can't Solve It


  2. Kids Actively Reward It


  1. It's Human Nature



Click here to learn more about each of these facts.

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