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The Music in Me Program





1. Unleash Your Superpowers! Presentation


"Unleash Your Superpowers!" is a powerful blend of anti-bullying through literacy,  hip hop, drumming and theater arts. This interactive presentation has been seen by about 40,000 people, taking youth on a journey as to where and how to discover their inner special gifts or what we call "superpowers" and how to use them to combat bullying. It’s a celebration of uniqueness and individuality, aimed to inspire unity against bullying, cooperation and creative thinking using different modalities of multi-cultural storytelling through words, images, sounds, music, improvisations and embellishments. After all, storytelling is an integral part of everything we do in life. We consider the fact that people don't all learn in the same way. Therefore, people don't tell stories using the same methods either. We all express ourselves in our own unique fashion and receive information based on how we’re wired and our own experiences in life. The Music in Me Foundation believes that every child has his or her own special gifts or superpowers. It’s just a matter of discovering them.


The Music in Me Program supports school Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiatives, focusing on being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. The foundation adapts presentations to accommodate individual audience needs. The Music in Me Teacher’s Guides are packed full of engaging, innovative and fun activities. The theme song of the show, "Superpowers!" was co-produced by Multi-Grammy Award Winning/Legendary Producer Chucky Thompson.

























2. "Rap" on Reading Book Series


Launched by Ten-Time Grammy Award Winner Bobby McFerrin, "Rapon Reading books engage children in reading by melding quality literature, rap and art. Each high interest, page-turning book comes with a free downloadable Read-Along Rap-Along Audio Narration full of music, inspiration and song. The multicultural stories captivate the imagination, while soothing the soul--always reinforcing the message that every child has a special gift or superpower inside, ready to come out. Colorful, whimsical illustrations, as well as relatable characters, well-crafted tales and toe tapping raps entertain both readers and nonreaders. These books are guaranteed smile-makers. "Rap" on Reading helps children to discover their passion, build on their strengths and find their voice. "Unleash your superpowers" with The Music in Me Foundation's innovative and holistic approach to education that reaches all students through the arts. Another aspect of what makes our children's books extra special is our live multimedia, multicultural presentations that bring our inspiring books to life, consisting of a live rap, dance, mime, drumming, dramatic narration and video in front of a dynamic set. Our stories are relevant, classic and timely with broad appeal.





















3. The Music in Me Interactive Digital Platform


Truly an innovative, cutting edge approach to education, The Music in Me Interactive Digital Platform supplies teachers, counselors and administrators with a meaningful measurement tool and data collection system to help students discover “their music” or strengths. This component is in development by our team of curriculum & research experts, as well as interactivists from Sesame Street. The objectives are to inspire, motivate, educate, empower, entertain and encourage students to stop self-limitation so that they can become successful lifelong learners.


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