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Unleash Your Superpowers: Unite Against Bullying Walk & Pep Rally

It is amazing what can happen when one person stands up for another. We have seen this through history—small uprisings that change the face of nations. This is that uprising—Unleash Your Superpowers: Unite Against Bullying. People across the nation (and the globe) will be downloading the foundation's inspiring anti-bullying anthem, "Unleash Your Superpowers!" and taking the Superpower Pledge. The 40 grade-to-middle school children singing on the track attend one of the most challenged schools in the DC Metro Area. These talented rock stars have derived empowerment and success through the foundation's self-esteem, anti-bullying and literacy programs. Please click on the following SoundCloud link to hear "Unleash Your Superpowers!":

This landmark movement is being launched this October in the Nation's Capital. Thousands of students from DC, Maryland and Virginia will Unite Against Bullying by walking to the US Capitol to participate the first annual Unleash Your Superpowers Pep Rally. WPGC 95.5 FM (CBS Radio) is our partner and will broadcast live from the event. The day will be packed with inspirational music, highly motivational and fun educational activities that participants can bring back to their schools and communities to implement. Students will have opportunities to shine by demonstrating and sharing their superpowers both as a community and individually.

Surprise celebrity guests in entertainment, sports and national leaders will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

In addition, the movement is supported by three acclaimed books, which will be distributed during the rally:

  • Sparkle, with a foreword by chart-topping Hip-Hop Artist Big Sean & authored by a 14 year old teenager who was bullied while fighting a life-threatening illness.

  • The Bully Blues, features a foreword by the NFL's #1 Kicker Justin Tucker.

  • The Music in Me with a foreword by 10 Ten-Grammy Award Winner Bobby McFerrin.

Founder & CEO of The Music in Me Foundation Jane Pinczuk states, "It's so important to unite against bullying by standing up for each other–not being a bystander. Although there will always be bullies in this world, we can all do our share to not only improve the quality of a victim's life, but save someone's life by reaching out and being a friend." She continues, "Let bullies know, as a community, we're not going to take it anymore! We believe that when children hone into their strengths (aka superpowers) they become empowered and develop a sense of pride. Their superpowers become their armor that leads to success."


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