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The Music in Me Foundation Launches Innovative Senior Superpower Circle

The Music in Me Foundation International extended their reach to help the community's senior citizens through the charity's Senior Superpower Circle on October 16, 2015 at Victory Towers in Takoma Park, Maryland. This platform recognizes our senior citizens for their special role, vitality and importance the play in the world. The program enables seniors to unite as a community, share the richness of their lives and unleash their superpowers through music, storytelling, dance, drumming and guided meditation. The organization recognizes that it is vital for ALL generations to have their voices heard and understood for both our young and older citizens. The Founder and CEO of The Music in Me Foundation International Jane Pinczuk stated, "Life is a story worth telling. Our multi-modality approach to storytelling gives all people from all backgrounds and now all generations a better opportunity to communicate, increase self-esteem and gain awareness and relaxation. We are so excited to expand our programming in this way. The response has been so positive."

The Music in Me Foundation International helps young and older people discover their own special gifts or what the nonprofit calls "superpowers," so that they can build on their strengths to learn and grow in a safe and accepting environment--free from bullying. Music, literacy and the arts are used as tools to empower and teach young people how to unite against bullying through safe intervention techniques to become strong leaders.

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